Nov 15, 2019 … These raccoon deterrents will help keep these pesky critters away from … how useful epsom salt was for gardeners! …

It may be best to dilute with 2 TBSPS of Epsom salt in 1 gallon of water and spray as direct epsom salt may be too harsh for some plants – causing a burning to the plant (on hot, bright days). Use Epsom Salt in the Garden for Grass and Plants. 1. Make and Keep Grass Greener – Epsom salt provides needed magnesium and iron to your soil.

Raccoons (Procyon lotor) can, and do, live almost anywhere with access to food, water and shelter. Considered one of the most adaptable mammals in Ohio, …

News. 2/8/2016 – Raccoon Facts: How to Keep Raccoons from Your Property … Raccoons do not make good pets because they are wild, reckless, and can be violent and harmful. In fact, they can transmit rabies … •Keep bird feeders away from trees or other structures. … Epsom Salts – Epsom salt is an excellent deterrence.

HOW TO SAFELY KEEP RACCOONS AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE/PROPERTY AND OFF YOUR FENCESSeveral deterrents can be used to keep away woodchucks, from fencing to gassing the wood chucks in the burrows. A less expensive option is the use of Epsom salt, which is has a foul taste that will deter these unwanted pests.


Sep 18, 2019  · Epsom Salt for plants is a garden myth I have wanted to debunk for a long time. It is not the wildly beneficial fertilizer everyone claims but it can cause much more harm than good. This article will explain why you should not use Epsom Salt in your home garden! Epsom Salt for plants has been touted as a cure all for many things in the garden.

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Nov 18, 2016  · Keep Possums Away. If opossums (aka possums) are a problem in your yard, mix together camphor oil with enough petroleum jelly to make a paste, and spread it around the base of trees. The smell should keep them away. Get Rid of Skunks in Your Yard. Mothballs aren’t just for moths! Sprinkle them around your yard, and they’ll keep skunks away.

Jul 17, 2017  · Because of the salt’s unpleasant flavor, some gardeners believe that sprinkling Epsom salt on the leaves of a vegetable plant will prevent chewing pests such as deer, rabbits and groundhogs from raiding a garden.Those who favor this type of treatment say Epsom salt will not damage the plant, but it will wash off in the rain or wear off with time.

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