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Wildlife Removal Company Servicing

The cincinnati oh Area

Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC is a licensed and insured full-service wildlife trapping,
removal, repair, and insulation company with over 30 years of experience.

We specialize in Squirrel, Raccoons, Bats, Rats, Mice and all other rodent removal services in the cincinnati oh area. Offering residential and commercial properties nuisance wildlife removal services in cincinnati oh area. Looking for a local wildlife removal company near me? Look no further, we have a great reputation in cincinnati oh! Check out our reviews!

Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC effectively deals with the safe and humane trapping, removal, control, capture, and exclusion of nuisance wildlife. We create preventive repairs to reduce reoccurring wildlife on your property and the resolution of human/wildlife conflicts. We are committed to helping you or your business handle wildlife conflicts with a humane, effective, and safe approach. We look forward to serving you and our community for years to come with cincinnati oh wildlife removal.

Home Inspection

It all starts with a complete home inspection performed by our wildlife expert. We’ll locate any wildlife entry points and give you an itemized estimate for repairing your home. We also check the wiring to make sure the critters weren’t chewing them. Wildlife tends to use your attic as their home and bathroom so we also check your insulation to make sure it’s clean.


We are the best wildlife removal service provider in the cincinnati oh area. Not only do we remove wildlife, but we also can clean, sanitize, and deodorize your home. Then, we can seal off your home to prevent rodents, squirrels, bats, and other wildlife from entering the house again.

Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC traps and removes bats, beavers, birds, mice, opossums, raccoons, rats, rodents, snakes, squirrels, and other wildlife. We also help to prevent this wildlife from getting into your attic, chimney, basement, and crawlspace.

Here are some of the specific nuisance wildlife that we trap and remove:

Bat Removal

Bats are extremely clever wildlife and they fly into some of the strangest places. They are skilled at entering small openings in your home and then nesting large numbers. We can evict these flying mammals from your home, preventing them from leaving hazardous waste behind.

Honey Bee Removal

Honey Bee colonies can range from 10,000 to 60,000 bees. That’s a lot of bees buzzing around your family. Proper care when dealing with Honey Bees is very important. We can safety remove and relocate them.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are natural scavengers. They invade your attic and other areas inside your home while creating a mess. Raccoons are very aggressive and can carry rabies, so they are dangerous for homeowners and their pets. Let us help your property safe again.

Rat Removal

Because rats are survivors, they can be a hard pest to get rid of permanently. Rats are filthy and transmit diseases such as bubonic plague, typhus, and hantavirus through bites, scratches, droppings, and urine.

No one ever wants rats around their family or living in their home. Let us remove the rats and the hazards from these rodents from your home.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels tend to run around in an attic. You may also hear gnawing, scratching, and noises coming from your attic. While it can be fun to watch these cute little creatures dart up and down trees. They aren’t quite as adorable when they make their way into your attic. Once they make it into your home, they cause significant problems. Squirrels love to chew wiring,  which can result in electrical problems or a house fire. We can develop a plan to remove your squirrels that have taken up residence in your home.

All Our Services

  • Trapping
  • Repair of entry holes
  • Insulation removal and installation
  • Attic clean up, sanitize, deodorize
  • Droppings cleanup
  • Squirrel trapping and removal
  • Raccoon trapping and removal
  • Opossum trapping and removal
  • Bat trapping, removal, and cleanup
  • Bird control
  • Snake control
  • Rat trapping, removal, and cleanup
  • Mouse trapping, removal, and cleanup
  • Dead wildlife carcass removal
  • Odor control

Why Choose Us?

Itemized Repair List

Unlike our competitors, we give you an itemized repair list with specific details and costs to repair and insulation work.


We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with your nuisance wildlife trapping, removal, repair, insulation work, and cleanup of your home’s attic, chimney, basement, crawlspace, and porch.


We show up on time for your appointment. Unlike our competitors, we will speak with you on the telephone to schedule your appointment.


When you’ve been in business for over 30 years, you must be doing a few things right and have excellent customer service. Being in business this long, we have trained most of our competitors over time. Would you rather work with the trainer or trainee?


Our work is guaranteed. A completed service call has a 30-day guarantee. Our wildlife repairs are guaranteed for one year and are also renewable.

Satisfied Customers

With our focus on service, expertise, and building life-long connections with our customers, Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC has thousands of satisfied customers in the cincinnati oh area.

Remove Wildlife Carcass

Pest control companies exterminate pests and rodents, and sometimes the rodents expire inside walls, under crawlspaces, and then an odor develops over time in your home. We have special equipment like infrared cameras and borescopes to locate wildlife carcasses left inside walls and under floors so we can remove them for you

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our staff at Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC is fully licensed, insured, and trained extensively to ensure only the highest quality work and the best customer service experience.

Fast Wildlife Removal

We are committed to a rapid response to your call and to quickly solving your wildlife issues.

Eco-Friendly Technology

We specialize in environmentally responsible treatments and removal.

Wildlife Repair Services

Wildlife can damage property—sometimes to such a degree that significant construction repairs are necessary.Wildlife can damage property—sometimes to such a degree that significant construction repairs are necessary.

We thoroughly inspect your attic to make detailed notations of any chewed wires, urine marks, feces, nests, and torn air conditioning ducts; all of which contaminate your living space. We then inspect the outside of your home to determine any and all entry points. We will look on the roof for any holes wildlife might have gnawed and check the soffits for any entry or exit points.

Our damage repair services will restore your home to the way it was before the wildlife moved in. The smells and allergens that accompany these creatures can be removed. We can remove and replace the insulation that has been contaminated with feces and urine

Our expert repair services are accomplished by using the most innovative and up-to-date equipment available.

In addition, the entire area can be disinfected with an anti-microbial enzyme to help rid your home of diseases, bacteria, and allergens. After that, we can re-insulate with material that meets the building code requirements. You can protect your family and home from all the damage and health concerns that wildlife cause.

Insulation Removal and Replacement

Old insulation can be a financial burden since it doesn’t provide the same cost-saving energy efficiency
that new insulation can bring to your home. It can also be a nesting ground for rodents and wildlife.

Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC offers insulation removal, as well as insulation replacement services for residential and commercial customers, to help you get rid of infested or ruined insulation. When nuisance wildlife live in your attic, they can create significant damage and leave a big mess behind, especially droppings, feces, or guano in your insulation. Let us help you restore your attic by removing the contaminated insulation and replace it with new, higher-quality insulation in its place. New insulation can help control your energy costs by eliminating air infiltration, sound transmission, and controlling heat loss/gain. 

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