raccoon removal

Do you hear noises coming from your attic in the middle of the night? Do you have toppled over garbage cans and trash all over your yard? Or, do you hear low growls and shuffling noises coming from your roof or inside your walls? You may have raccoons in your home or on your property. These are all signs of a raccoon infestation.

At Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC, we are known as a top-rated local full-service wildlife trapping, removal, repair, and insulation services company. We provide safe and humane wildlife services in Jefferson and Shelby counties.

Rat Removal

Do you think that you have a rat problem in your home or business? Have you seen one running across your kitchen or in your garage? If you have seen one rat, trust that there are many more you aren’t seeing. Rats do not travel alone. Don’t wait to take action because rats breed at an alarmingly high rate and you could have a huge infestation quickly.

Rats begin breeding quickly as early as five weeks of age and will continue until two years old. Females are fertile approximately every three weeks, and mate often. The resulting pregnancy usually lasts about three weeks, and the litter size typically ranges from 6 to 20 babies. This is how you can end up with a full-blown infestation of rats in a very short period of time.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are deceptively dangerous. They look adorable while they are playing in a yard or running from tree to tree. Do not let their cute appearance fool you. They are one of the most destructive wildlife that can get into your home. A typical phone call that we receive daily is regarding squirrel damage. Attics, walls, and chimneys are common nesting areas for squirrels.


Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC is a top-rated local family-owned, full-service wildlife trapping, removal, repair, and insulation services company. We can remove squirrels from your home before they become a massive problem for you and your family. We provide humane and safe squirrel removal services in Jefferson and Shelby counties.

Bat Removal

Hearing bats in your attic? Seeing bats flying in and out of your attic or crawl space at dusk or dawn? You might have a serious bat problem that requires a professional bat removal company. 

Bat removal projects are not easy, and definitely not for amateurs or DIYers. Since bats only come out at night, people usually do not get bothered by them until they start using attics, crawlspaces, or even inside your walls to set up their homes.

Even though bats frequently invade attics, they do not typically chew their way inside your home as other wildlife species do. Instead, bats use existing openings, like holes and cracks to enter. Bats are small, so they can easily get through tiny holes that homeowners don’t even notice. Bats that reside inside your house will most likely move down between the walls in the winter, searching for the perfect warm hibernation spot.

Mole Removal

If you love a beautifully manicured lawn in Alabama, you will not be a fan of a mole that has taken up residence on your property. Have you recently noticed raised ridges or bumps in your yard or on the landscape you have perfected? If the answer is yes, you probably have moles!

These pesky little mammals can create tunnels under your lawn, which causes serious damage to landscaping, lawns, gardens, and more. Alabama is home to the eastern mole. Although they aren’t typically dangerous, it’s vital to get professional help in trapping or removing them from your property before significant damage is caused.

Honey Bee Removal Service

Are Honey Bees taking over your yard or home? Need them removed but not sure how? They can be very destructive and dangerous so proper care from a professional pest removal company is important. Raccoon Control Cincinnati LLC is trained on removing large honey bee nests. These nests and bees can be quite the pest when they show up in large numbers. Honey Bee colonies can range from 10,000 to 60,000 bees. That’s a lot of bees buzzing around your family.

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